Earth Adventures Paintball is situated on the scenic banks of the mighty Vaal River, on the grounds of a private farm on the outskirts of Parys. We offer a truly unique playing field that is both challenging and spectator friendly. At Earth Adventures, they pride themselves in using the best equipment while ensuring a high standard of client satisfaction. Our prices are affordable to ensure that paintball is more accessible to the general public and the adrenalin junkie. Earth Adventures actively promotes respect for the environment, using paintballs that are bio degradable and environmentally safe.

Fees Include:

  • Marker (semi-automatic).
  • Paintball pellets.
  • Chest protectors for the women (and men).
  • Full face mask (hygiene friendly rubber).
  • 12 oz CO2 gas cylinder.
  • Army jackets (browns).
  • Field marshal.
  • Access fees.

Our standard games are:

  • Flag Capture: In this game teams start at opposing bases at either end of the field. The objective is to get to the other teams base without being shot, Capture their flag and return it to your own base. The first team to succeed wins. Don’t forget you have to do this without being tagged by the ‘enemy’.
  • Centre Flag: This is similar to flag capture, but we start with a flag in the centre of the field, with the objective being to get the flag and take it to the other team’s base to win.
  • Ambush: In this game, one team goes into the field to a destination of their own choosing, and setup a base. When the game starts the other team has to find them and capture the flag, taking it 5 meters from where it was hanging to win.